I have been at my moms since Tuesday and since becoming officially homeless in San Francisco. Nothing is carved in stone and life has to be a little fluid right now while I figure out exactly what is going to happen with me going forward.
My plan is to head back to San Fran on Saturday so I can return the rental car on Sunday and then make it to an interview on Tuesday for a job that might be really cool, but the problem is that it is not paying well. BUT! It is where I want to be right now and hope I don;t get over looked because of my age once again.
Why go back to San Francisco? It is hard living there. Everything is expensive and there is little actual sympathy from one human to another. People care more for strangers than … well, I can’t finish that statement. Between #Occupy people taking over apartment building for homeless people I stand around kind of stunned.
Why? Well, I see so so so many homeless people around the city and they all need. Some are completely out of their heads. I worry I will end up like them. Back to the point… they need money, food, housing… all of the things I need too. I am just lucky enough to be just above the line where I am in their shoes.
I would help them if I could. I sometimes feel I can’t help myself. That, or I just cannot get any traction.
In the way to my moms place I had a couple small break-downs. Not full mental melt-downs or anything like that, just a spiritual one way shouting match with God and this dumb-ass guardian angel that may or may not be around me for the fucked up support I have had. I did a lot of shouting up there and expressed my frustration.
There is this non-stop crapping on my head lately.
Poor me… yeah I know and I am not oblivious to the ways of self-reliance in the world. See the world through my eyes and understand that life has provided a lot of interesting emerging paths. Doors opened almost the moment when windows closed and visa versa; I felt charmed for a long time. What happens then one goes to that bank one too many times? Coins of chance turned in my favor more times than I could count and all of a sudden I started crapping out… a lot.
Maybe there are still some invisible chances coming my way or window yet unexplored? Always the optimist.
…but in this latest fall I might actually be starting to lose faith for the first time ever. I am now to the point where it does not matter of the glass is half full or half empty. I pushed it over and smashed the glass.
p.s. – my original plan with going back Saturday is not looking so good right now.

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