Garden Project 2024

Well, if anyone has been following the gardening project I started last summer in the new house, a lot of changes have happened since. The idea was refined and a new direction taken in order to make something more sanctuary-like. The Fibonacci concept had to be set aside and I kept some of the elements, but shifted a long way. There are more updates here (link). I have a page dedicated to Las Vegas 2.0 as well as a whole category.   

The Garden

Has been a work of love and pain, the story of my life, ha ha ha ha. I have a lot more to do and it will finish with an install of cobblestone within the next year unless I can somehow manage it sooner. Life has so many priorities and we are doing okay financially, but should be doing a lot better. I have been sneaking out and buying plants, but strangely enough I get caught every time. It’s hard to explain why there are new plants in the yard all of a sudden. 

Otherwise, the writing project HAS TO BE a higher priority so I can get my book published you can read more about at this (link)


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