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Tom the Dawg

World best and amazing dog on the planet: 2002-2015. When I decided to adopt Tom, I went to Van Nuys German Shepherd Rescue and when the front door opened, Tom was right there with his paws on the counter and turned and looked at me and I was done. I never made it into the building.

After moving to San Francisco, I was in a position where I had to find a place for Tom because my housing had become insecure. I was in a SRO for a while. It was six months of hell, because I had to move from where I lived on Treasure Island away from a drug addict. So crazy… but he went to go live with my mom. My mom was able to take care of him on a level I was not. He needed surgery for his eyes and they both had to be removed because of a pervasive eye disease associated with one of his breeds. In the end, I think Tom was really crushed I had to step out of the picture. That was one smart dog, but it was impossible to convey how hard it was to leave him at my moms. It was good for her, though, because Tom took good care of my mom and she took great care of him.

Back when he was still a big baby.

This dog was amazing and I think about him all the time. He appears on my alter today with his collars as a reminder of something in my life that was incredibly right. I am looking ahead to more dogs in the future, but Tom taught me a lot.

My alter today as of April 27, 2022