22 Years of history here

It all started off on blogger… idk if it is still there? I did check and see I still have a profile there, but as of this morning it had not been updated since I lived in Las Vegas before 13 years ago.

What a trip. 22 YEARS of verbal diarrhea on this site alone. Migrated from blogger, queerburners, urielsjournal, and there might have been another. Thank you internet. 

I noticed in the posts I migrated over that there is a lot of links, pics and title missing off of each post. Should I take the time to update those? Ugh, I hate uncategorized shitake. Looks so sloppy. 

Just felt like making a quick post before I leave for work. Ugh… gotta go. Talk soon. 


It’s been a long minute for a lot of reasons. Most recently my operating files in the background blew up and took a poop on being able to post. I am very grateful to my amazing hosting company who have helped me out of holes for many many years. They take good care of me. I use Mojohost. 

We are all moved in and trying to do lovely things at our new house in Las Vegas (see pics and updates here). Or you could see how this whole year has gone by going here (pics and stuff here). I played some catch up this week and am still making changes here. If anyone is checking this stuff out, thanks! Please feel free to comment and send love and shoutouts. 

Waffles is still working in San Francisco and is commuting and that has been tough. Money has been tough, but I am looking for work but ideally I want to get my writing in front of me so I can make money that way. It’s super tough to be seen in that area. When I talk about my work, people seem very excited or they are really good at faking it. ELDRITCH is ready to go and if I have to self-publish I will. So I am upping my game with social media and seeing what kind of energy I can generate to get it out there. 

Here is some of my other blogs and posts: Queerburners




Well, look at that

So, I took the blogging entries from my other site UrielsJournal.Com and imported them into this one. It will make letting those old sites go a lot easier and trying to decide what the future is for this one. My old art site exploded years ago and it is going away, too.