Las Vegas Life

I am back and this time things are gunna be different. Well, there is a lot of truth to that one, since I left here in 2011 on June 1st of that year, I arrived again on May 31st married and owning a house. This is a huge leap from that days of the past where I was single and trying to figure out my future. 

Latest Version as of 7/2023

After moving in I went in deep right away working on the yards. Front of the house got immediate attention because it needed some love. The stone was vague at best, one of the plants looked like a giant dead weed, and more. I was inspired by a lady’s yard up the street. She had those edges and I loved the way they market the areas and made them look clean. I also added lighting, trimmed the tree and added the flag!

The backyard, on the other hand, needs more love. I moved a lot of that rock by hand to the front yard and filled it all in. So, it gave me a chance to explore more ideas. But, the summer heat won and this is on hold ’til Fall.

We also had a new member of the family joining us: Archer

Archer on patrol!