Eldritch: Tale of the Four Winds (Book 1)

My name is Scott and I wrote three books over the last decade with a fantasy/fiction story that is set in New York City / Ireland / San Francisco and more places over the world and features monsters, mythical creatures and some religious elements to add to the spooky quality of the whole thing.

Imagine a world we live in that appears normal on the surface, but past the veneer of our visual expectations and the need for routine, that there are creatures of all kinds living among us, under us, and above us. Perhaps, a spooky neighbor or a mysterious figure skirting the edge of the shadows that you can never quite focus on. They are out there.

We learn a lot about family and chosen family and how important they are in our lives. Or, afterlives as it were. Magic wielding creatures of all means, monsters, and creatures of ancient lore. When it is allusive who the hero is versus the antagonist.

A Glimpse of the 4 Primary Characters

Josh (borrowed image from Pinterest)
Caleb (borrowed image from Pinterest)
Fiona (borrowed from Pinterest)
I have always seen Tyson Ritter as Enoch, but with a scruffy long beard

Eldritch: Angels v. Demons (Book 2)

Eldritch: Sword & Shield (Book 3)

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