22 Years of history here

It all started off on blogger… idk if it is still there? I did check and see I still have a profile there, but as of this morning it had not been updated since I lived in Las Vegas before 13 years ago.

What a trip. 22 YEARS of verbal diarrhea on this site alone. Migrated from blogger, queerburners, urielsjournal, and there might have been another. Thank you internet. 

I noticed in the posts I migrated over that there is a lot of links, pics and title missing off of each post. Should I take the time to update those? Ugh, I hate uncategorized shitake. Looks so sloppy. 

Just felt like making a quick post before I leave for work. Ugh… gotta go. Talk soon. 

Since the migration… things went weird here

So, as previously mentioned in this category, I migrated this site together from 3 others. I have been blogging for a long-ass-time. Well, I am still working on getting some control over the massive amount of categories collected over time. And to make it all come together. 

The dates are all wrong on the posts??? WTF moment here.. because I wrote many of these posts like 20 years ago. If I am seeing this right, the stupid things is looking at my posts as if I made them all six months ago. Sigh….

Happy Sunday

An interesting, if not maddening, decision resulted in the importing of my previous posts over the last 20 years of blogs being migrated this new one, but the images did not follow it. A shit ton of images that I for some reason did not manage to migrate over before deleting the old site. I will see if I can fix that, but not very hope-filled with that result.

The new editing format is also a huge challenge, although WordPress is telling me I have more control over the content. I am not seeing that to be 100% true. I do like the layout of this site a little more. It does feel constraining and is not really as friendly as it suggests.

None the less I find myself getting mired down while I have a hundred other things I want to be doing today. Not the least of them is getting out of the apartment and enjoying this day. I promised myself more. And the other new web site I made www.teabagcult.com is also in need of a lot of love.