Oakland Life

We lived in Oakland, CA  from 2017 to 2023 and I loved it for a lot of reasons. I guess any city you live in and experience can be good if you let it. I will say the Bay Area has kept me longer than anywhere I ever lived before and that was mostly because of my relationship with my partner. Our place now is beautiful, too. We are just outside of Piedmont, technically still on Oakland. It makes for a generally nice area with a safe vibe. 

Our Livingroom

I think I am ready to move on, for sure, since we have both been here so long. I am currently looking to buy a house and upgrade life as much as I can. We got married to fortify that goal and make a new path for both of us professionally and just as we get older. 

2017 to 2018

We moved to Oakland in 2017. The first year we were living with a friend of mine in a lovely house in Montclair. It was an incredibly beautiful house and it was great for our situation, but we were quickly running out of room. Another drawback was accessibility to our jobs and we had one car to share between us. Yeah, it got wonky. 

2017 – 2018 Montclair House