Stressed Out / Fried Out

Mad Mad Mad MarkDays are ticking down to the point where I have to move out of my current situation and need to find a new one. The main reason for the shift was to get away from my current housemate, Mark. In that effort I led myself right off a cliff so far.
One of my biggest fears is to end up homeless. Technically I am ending up that way as of next week. I made an offer on one place… she wanted much for rent and the room was 1/3 of the room I am in now. A twin bed barely fits in it. So she has not accepted or declined. It’s in a pretty decent area but certainly nothing I would scream over.
Alas nothing else has prevailed. I am looking for work at the same time and doing both has me freaking exhausted. The last two days I have been running around checking out places and doing interviews. I came home both days exhausted.
I am supposed to be, right? If I don’t work for it what will it all mean? Well, this is a huge test.
I do not want to leave San Francisco. I have people here I really like. I am dating a guy who is pretty awesome, still. I have a life I like and I do not want to lose it. If I have to go I will do so sadly. I crashed and burned again…

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