Car Gone – New(*) Bike

Well the truck is now gone and I am still working in vegas, but now I seem to be working a lot and actually making money. Quandary ..*
I am riding this wave and trying to get my living situation settled as soon as I figure out where I will be living in less than 2 weeks time. This new job I picked up came through some people I worked for once in the past. The thing is I was feeling like giving up on web design altogether.
This industry sucks razor balls! The tech has changed so much since I started doing this and the demand for all kinds of features… add that clients are cheap and stupid about the work that goes into this… and it is enough to just want to give up. I feel like I am in a sand pit with this career field and so do most people I know that are in it.
Anyway, when I look ahead to the future I feel there are new roads for me. There is also a chance to go back and do things I was successful at. If I move to San Francisco I will go there with an intention to reshape my future and let my past stay in my past.

New Transportation

I have had it with the truck that Drive Time sold me and just can’t afford to maintain something that keeps breaking down. Plus, by moving to San Francisco I can live without a vehicle and by buying a bike I can manage getting around on a whole other level.
I did buy a bike that had some character in it. It is a Tyler Beach Cruiser. It looked older and had a lot of character so it was worth buy for that alone. I imagine it had a lot of miles on that bad boy.

Interesting huh? Well, I tried it out and it works nicely so let’s see what happens. At least I have something to start off with and it is interesting.

Tyler Bikes: “Tyler bikes were imported from Poland in the early 1960’s and disappeared in the early 1970’s.”

It’s probably lead paint and transmitting to the Kremlin secretly while it sits here in my living room.

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