Good Morning

This day has started off very weird and I am not liking the energy in the air. I am sitting at work feeling really uncomfortable and feel a lot of anxiety building up which is just not good.
Everything happened just fine at home this morning…

  • got to the 2nd bus and the driver waited til I got to the door and pulled up about 10 feet and stopped; went to door again and he rolled forward again. WTF??? Doors opened and he let me on spouting some bullshit about whatever… douche
  • got to where work was way too early so stopped in Jack In The Box near office to sit down and have a little knosh while waiting to go; order burned once and dopey cook kept getting confused.
  • got to work… no coffee. No coffee… WFX2
  • went to bathroom, to t.p. or hand towels

So, I know I am supposed to be really busy today and I am still waiting for the guy to show up I am supposed to get my project from. He is always late… but a nice guy. I wonder how many more days I will be working here? This is supposed t be a short term project/contract.  I hope I am done soon… maybe next week. No one seems to know.
C’est le Vie!

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