Is it June yet?

Well, I got a call Wednesday to go and interview at a local web company and I went and they pulled me in on the spot. No doubt because a friend of mine works there and we worked together really well last year. It’s full time work for as long as it lasts. I was told 2 to 3 weeks and I will ride it out and then get the hell out of town.
I also screwed because I am without a home in 2 weeks and have to be somewhere…. I certainly cannot rely on anyone in Vegas for housing and it’s not like I have a lot of options. But, there is always an option. I came up with a plan A:

Plan A: Get a room at the Siegel Suites and pay weekly for a seedy shithole while I put my stuff in storage. I figure I can rent a van and get moved up to SFO then.

Thank goodness I will have generated some decent cash from this gig. I hope these guys get the sense I can do this job and let me hang and pile up a little cash. I am still giving up my car which is having mechanical problems anyways. It keeps staling out on me in busy intersections and streets. …ugh… how awful.
No matter what I should be leaving Vegas by mid June at the latest. I am just done with this city and I need to move on. It was decent while it lasted my loves.

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