I worry too much and I often let stuff stress me out that really is not as major as it seems. That is pretty normal for most people I think. I guess I appreciate those people who have a ‘don’t sweat the little shit’ attitude. Those same people are probably pushing shopping carts down on Main Street these days? While people like me are warm and cozy in rubber rooms.

Almost everyone I know in my apartment complex is looking at an eviction today. I pulled a notice down from my neighbors door because I did not want to see her embarrassed. She is struggling very hard to stay above water. Same with another guy I know here and it bothers me deeply – I care about these people.

I have been blessed. I have just enough cash to keep from sinking entirely. I’ve had to set priorities about what to pay and what not to pay. This economy and this capitalism is bound to cave in to itself eventually and credit companies, housing industry, and utility companies have to become a little less worried about profits and more humanistic …

STOP!!! I am heading down a tangent on a subject I am not an expert on. But really, how much can capitalism feed on until it has to start eating itself? Stopping the rant…

Worried. Optimistic. Dreaming of better days ahead…

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