On my post from last week I got some kind and supportive words. Some people made comments on the post while some sent me an email directly. If you are getting this through RSS or other means I want you to know it is appreciated.

It is now more than 2 weeks of unemployment and though I have been in this situation before, I am a lot more concerned that the light is further down the tunnel than what I am prepared to deal with mentally. The $$ is getting thin and though I am now receiving unemployment I have to be cautious how I spend my cashola.

I have impressed myself how much I have made money stretch. I know I am SOOOOO not alone in this perspective and know a lot of people out there are struggling as well. I just know I have been blessed and pray and wish those blessings are still coming my way. I also decided that there is no one I can expect to help me on any level – so I will strive to do my best to get myself on track.

When one is broke you have to establish priorities. Someone told me make sure you have a roof over your head and enough food to survive first.

Now, on March 26th I will be graduating school and hope that I can keep it together until then – at least. Maybe I’ll get lucky and drop a few pounds too. Now – how is that for looking on the bright side.

I always remain an optimist. I truly have been blessed more times than I can personally account for – but I try to. There are people I know in worse circumstances. So take it for what it is worth, count your blessings every day.

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