faceBook answer gone awry

Ondreg on faceBook asked me about what was going on… I got a case of diarhea of the mouth… here is what I wrote:

“So much, baby. School is wrapping up in 6 weeks which means I’ll have my B.S. in web design and multimedia. I’ve been trying to stay active in the community here with social/networking stuff. It’s been an interesting adventure but there is a tremendous sense of transition hanging over me. I guess it also relates to the fact I lost my job last week and though I am a good prospect I have not started an actual “job search” so far. Seeing what is on the playing field and trying to see what my options are??? Hm. Still scratching my ass wondering. I want to date or be with someone a lot, but NOTHING is coming up. I have changed my lifestyle a lot over the last year and maybe the core of who I am is not SO different, but I am trying to evolve and I am doing this on my own a lot. Yes, Ondreg, you are so attractive to me but so are a half-dozen other guys. If I could JUST get one of you to reciprocate I wold be thrilled. BUT, yea there is a lot in my head as you can tell. You asked the question.”

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