There is always a lot of things to be prepared for, and this week I learned about a lot of things. I’ve heard a lot of pedestrians (we’re all pedestrians come to think of it) … how about secular people…. anyway…

When getting ready for Burningman I got a great tip from DJ Virgil during a dialog we had at another meetup gathering this last weekend. He told me about the alkali in the desert that – if not prepared for – can be a big difference in your enjoyment. Seem the alkali will severely dry your skin and to neutralize it you should use a combination of water and vinegar; then apply lotion to your feel, hands, body or where ever to keep it healthy.

Way cool information, huh???? Speaking of which. A Burner on the Yahoo Groups sent out a link to a site that you can use to shop and prepare for your journey using earth friendly products.

Link to Livinity – Thanks Violet!

The guys on the Burningman Meetup have been great with sharing information and what to be prepared for. It’s great to network like that. I have another veteran burner coming to my house this weekend. He is the guy that teaches naked yoga here and he and his partner are going to be off teaching again at the big burn.

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