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Not a single person commented on my previous post. I was hoping someone would… and I granted posting access to some of my friends. I put things into it I might not normally have said. Yes, it’s all true. But this period of life I am in and what I am exploring is just something new and exciting.

Gary’s comments on a recent posting still haunt me. Cheryl’s words also kinda haunt me… it was all about relationships and my pointless journey for finding a new mate. The plus of it all that in spite of the fact that I am not meeting my arch-type male I am meeting people I consider friends AND some are pretty damn cool.

That boy that lives near me is still someone I am crushing on, but I am seeing it all very differently lately. He seems to to look at me very differently than I look at him. He may want someone better looking I think, because he comments a lot about guys that are different than me. I think he likes the person inside of me, but my slight weight gain is enough to repell him.

Ans here I am struggling with my own self image and self esteem … just to get caught up in someone esles similar journey. It looks messy in that garden instead of greener all of a sudden.

I want to have a companion in life. Both for economic reasons as well as just to have someone around who can laugh at all the stupid shit life throws at us.

Love all

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  1. hey, i feel the same way too many times. i have weight issues or better said, food issues, but no matter you have a little overweight YOU ARE HOT, believe me, i wouldn’t hesitate for asking you out ;). Take care handsome.


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