So – it’s “feelin’ – sorry – for – myself” time again. I am getting sick of boring Saturday evenings with nothing or no-one to do. All the boys I know are busy with their own lives or getting laid by the hot-looking boys… blah blah blah

I have no clue about men anymore. I have no idea what the hell I am doing. These days are so devoid of guys who can make a commitment to another man or to sanity. Sigh… it’s so nuts I am starting to doubt my own insanity.

Remember the Ben story…? or was that the one I deleted? Well, I may have written I was over that because I think I was/am getting to the point where I see him as someone who looks at me more as a pity-fuck than anything else. Well, over-stated as usual. But for the life of me I cannot remember the word I want to use… for days I cannot thing of the word that fits!!!!

Ugh… I hooked up with a guy last weekend whom I knew through my previous relationship. He acted like I was someone he wanted… well reality is he has a life of his own and he is not relationship material. Damn he is hot.

Anyone else previously mentioned is off the radar right now.

Gary and Cheryl will have given up on me with this entry. Sigh… I want someone… but I am starting to feel like there is no one. This sucks!

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