Labor Day – Summer 08

Summer 08 can go into the history books as one of the best summers I can remember. Why? Well, this weekend is just concluding and so is the latest weekend of my frolicy…

When school broke at the end of the Spring08 session I started going out and hanging out more. As you may heave read back, I also had a big fallout with John. Since then, John and I have renewed out friendship and let those wounds heal. I am a demanding bitch, but that Aries butt-head is a stubborn hole.

Anyway, since then we have been hanging out a lot at the Towne Center Square which is near the 215 and 15 freeways. It’s a lovely complex with great shops and food places. It’s all new and is really cool. Often ended up at Blue Martini for Happy Hour a and then drive home bordering on DUI.

Different people hung out with us over time. It was awesome getting people from my background and from John’s background. Marissa from school came. Mark and ___ (forget her name for the moment) were great to hang with. Debbie came down a lot and we had great times. It was all so good.

Then John introduced me to a gay couple here who are older. They are about 50 but look great. So for the last 4 weeks we have been going over to their place. It’s been so so so so so so cool.

They have a private pool I really enjoyed and took advantage of. I engaged in debauchery and with that came a lot of cool shit…. the first weekend we smoked at little skanky pot. But the following weekend one of the guys came up with some ecstasy which was amazing. Now, keep in mind that I had never done this shit before so the experience was different.

2 weeks ago I brought a guest to the party whom I was seriously crushing on. On x and feeling very amorous you can imagine it was tense… no – no nookie. But the we were able to be nude in the pool (though for the most part I was the only naked person til one of the hosts stripped down too).

Last weekend was quiet and a little boring. Nothing special going on, but all my energy was teaming up for Labor Day Weekend.

Monday was my day – aka Today – and one of our hosts got us more x for this weekend. It was way cool. I am still high while typing this.. which explains why the entry is so friggin long. I invited a few people along, but one came by besides the other guests were there. One guy came who turned out to be really cool. He used to date one of the friends of my ex. Turned out to be such a nice guy and it was cool.

So… last time I was on this stuff I typed a big stupid entry I ended up deleting the next day. Let’s see if this one survives when I re-read it tomorrow. ha ha ha

YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE HAPPEN TODAY???? Kaidy Kuna came to visit today with his new man… Mark. We had a nice lunch together. I miss Kaidy!

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