I am always tired and work is wearing me down… no life is wearing me down. I literally am living for Sunday’s. Sunday is my play day… and this summer has been awesome. I spent the first half of the summer hanging out with John at Towne Center Square thingy at the movies and Blue Martini… yum. If I kept that up I would have shirley (yes, I know how I spelled that) would have had a DUI. Oh, hell no.

BUT! Through John I met Alex and Perry. They are a couple who have a lovely house with a “private” pool. It’s been so nice… hanging out until late into the evening. Just floating around in the water has been fun… oh yeah… I should mention I was often naked in that water… tee hee

Yes, clothing optional. My parents were borderline hippies who belonged to a nudist colony when I was a kid… nudity to someone like me is just no clothes. BUT… this is the last big weekend of the year and I got work that Kaidy Kuna was coming and I am thrilled. You should see his commercials on YouTUBE. He directs and acts. He’s bringing some man meat along with him.

I hope to be able to post some new pics from the weekend… nothing dirty boys! Pigs!!!


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