John update…

…for those who give a shit.

I was carrying a lot of anger toward John in a way that was not really productive. You see, as you might be able to get from the previous blog, John’s lack of attention to a promise he made to me made me mad… blah blah blah.

Well, I wrote him that note and he wrote back basically giving up on the friendship. It was way to easy so I challenged him to actually act like this meant something to him. So,we ended up going for dinner Monday night at AGO… over at the Hard Rock… and talked about it. I still think he is clueless about where I was coming from but time will tell.

Where we stand… I am uncertain.

Dinner was decent at AGO (new place at Hard Rock that replaced Kerry Simon’s place) which is an Italian (I should put that in quotes). I had the Sea Bass. It was passable. But the winner was one of the deserts!!!! Oh my hell it was good. It was a Milfoy with a roasted almost pastry and a well made Bavarian. The fruit compute of Strawberries dressed it. Heaven. The wine we had was good too…

yeah me

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