Life has been decent lately with some obvious exceptions. I am taking a new perspective on life here in LV while looking forward to getting through this last year of school. Ideally I should be finished by the end of March.

What’s next though? My job is working out okay. Wierd… with the projects I am working on… I actually look forward to the idea of going to work. Soon I will be posting out comps on the web sites I am working on for the company. I might get to completely redo t he site… my problem is that there are a lot of chiefs who want to put their 2 cents into it.

I built 2 comps today as well as completed a decent shine on the whole web site plan I have worked on. It’s looking good.

I have a second blog, did you know that? It’s connected to the achtung web site… you can see that through the link to the right over there.

…oh, I called Adolfo on Sunday to see how he was doing. He’s a great guy on so many levels. He is so stubborn, too. He is thinking about moving to South Carolina where his sister lives. I do not think he would like that…? He won;t make any money there.

… Deb is back too… she sounds like she is doing okay with the death of her brother.

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