Dear John –

I have this in my head a lot and decided to write John and tell him how I felt about where our friendship has gone to. I figured out there has not been a single male in this city who has been someone I could rely on. It’s very hard finding someone of quality friendship here. Tell me what you think:

“I have been thinking a lot about where I stand right now. Before I say anything more, let me make it clear that I understand you and I are not in a relationship beyond friends. I am not deluded in that. Having said that, I loved you so much that I could call you my best friend and feel a huge amount of value in that. Well, you let me down and I think I am still feeling so strongly about it – is because my feelings were so strong. I told you when we first hung out that if I ever felt you lost respect for me I would step out. Over the last 5 weeks since I last saw you I began to recognize that and then when you forgot about the favor I asked it seemed clear. I feel deeply hurt and the apology I got through adam4adam did very little to help. Since then I saw no effort on your part. So, I move on. I’m going to Charlies tonight and then coming home early. Unless I am missing something else – I will miss our freindship. I’ve been hurt before so I will survive this one too. Sorry about the drama. I had a lot to say, but this was already too much. No one like a girl to talk too much! Later”

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