I walk alone…

Johnny Cash – love ya baby. Today I did something empowering. I went to the movies by myself. I am in a time when I feel like what friends I have they are miles away and few people are here I can trust or rely on. Not a single person around me but me I can rely on.

Sounds jaded or bitter? Fuck off… not in anyway. Reality is that if you need someone else in your life then you are co-dependent. If you are sick of people letting you down – you are jaded. Alas… I digress.

I was so uncomfortable at first and then this hot hot hot guy sat next to me. I knew him from somewhere – then I remembered him from the Venetian. He was a sweet guy there who I thought was straight. Maybe not… considering the two he was with.

Well, I went to see the Hulk and it was quite good. A far leap from the previous version. The first version of the Hulk was slapstick compared to this one. I saw in the credits that Lou Ferigno was the voice of the Hulk.

Well again – I ended up calling Adolfo. It was good to hear his voice. He is moving on with his life. We updated each other a bit and … well, that was pretty much it. There are still a lot of feelings there.

xo all!

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