Platapuss Feet

Another weekend in the dust… today is my Monday and it is hard to believe I will be returning to school in just a couple weeks. I am looking ahead with anticipation and fear of this new challenge. It will eventually include subject I may have to struggle with like coding and “programming” as it were.

Starting off I will be doing art, of all things, and graphic design. This is an area I have some strength in and will hopefully find some relief in starting off slowly.

Chef Hoffmeister was none too pleased when he heard I was coming back, but not in his program. I can fogure he sees me as a failure. I never planned on a career in Cluinary. I always wanted my own restaurant and doing to this school was a step in achieving that, but making a career out of this industry is absolutely insane.

The Sam v. Adolfo thing is not going too badly. They seem to politely avoid each other and I think Adolfo is not so thrilled that Sam and I get along so well. Sam is making life lighter, but he is also pointing out some real issues I have had with Adolfo.

See, Adolfo takes life way way too seriously and can be a real shit when it comes to just being. Suggestions are crapped all over while Adolfo is also scared of anything new. He is profoundly negative, which he seems to blame is sister for. I’m not so sure.

We had a long talk and though it could have gone horribly wrong Adolfo was pretty good about it and the rest of the day went well. Sam is a sweetheart and Adolfo is consistent… at least he tries… for the most part. Sam does talk incesantly and half the time I turn my brain off so I am partially listening.

Platapuss Feet…. ha ha ha … Sam has Platapus Feet

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