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Yesterday was a tough day and I am throughly grateful it ended. I think I already lamented in here how it started even if it was in a brief set of notes, blurbs, expulsions of some kind in the previous entry. It was a draining day that lasted until I finally went to sleep.

Sam is staying with us (see my mySpace for visual reference) and with all the recent crap going on it seems to be creating pressure in the house. Adolfo is unhappy about it and keeps bitching about Sam. Adolfo keeps nitpicking on little shit, but the thing is I understand where Adolfo is coming from. Twice Adolfo paid for food/dinner and neither time did Sam say “thank you”. Sam is also sorta laying around the house constantly which is also pissing him off… well, I undertsand that too but Sam needs a little time to get himself going (long story behind that).

So, I made a nice dinner last night. Stuffed chicken with salami and fresh mozzerrella cheese, parmeassan risotto and a little jar tomato sauce… blah blah blah. I made three portions and miss attitude showed up late and as of this moment his plate is still sitting untouched 13 hours later at his place at the table.

The little bitch came home without a word and stayed in the bedroom the whole remainder of the evening. Ugh!!!!!

Well, Danial (see mySpace for visual reference) was apparently killed in a very publicised accident that involved street racing, an undercover cop in ciritical consition, and a massive accident site here in the city. Friday evening as I walked the dog I told Daniel how much he will be missed and how much he touched the lives of so many people around him in a loving way. He was as beautiful inside as he was outside and I will miss him.

Adolfo was much closer to him as they worked together in the Wynn resort daily. He was a clown, a flirt, a warm and caring human being.

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