on a new day

I would like to see life make positive changes… I always feel adrift and these classes I have been taking have given me a little more self confidence. I also am really feeling a lot of pressure from my job… sometimes to the point of my own psychosis. I say this because the crap I have to deal with in this place would overwhlem anyone.

No… I’m not saying my job is better or tougher than yours… this is about me bitch.

So, Sam is back in L.A. and I am a little confused about his direction and what he wants to do. It is his life and I want to help him. It’s been mostly good having him here but it also a challenge to the rest of the peeepils in the house because I guess we got used to being so isolated. We love Sam a lot… he endeers to the heart.

I am so busy these days I am constantly tired. Between trying to keep up with school shit and working it’s all becaome a hell o a balancing act. Sleep is relative.

There are a lot of things in life I wish I could change. I would be closer to freinds and have more money enjoy life more… and lose a few pounds… ugh!!!!!

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