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Allergy season is totaly kicking my ass and I have made my own cocktail of pills to fight it. I take Claritin-D and one of the Pink Pills at the same time. The Claritin wires me and the pink stuff mellows… so together I am even-steven. I worried at first that I was going to end up killing myself with pills, but this has actually made a difference.
I am allergic to female cats… their dandruff anyway. I am also allergic to something blowing off the mountains like pine or something. It sucks!
Tonight is my Friday and I am looking forward to being off. Wednesday I have plans with some guys and it should be way cool. Niko and Micheal are another couple I met through myspace.com/[redacted] and I think I like them alot. Moreover, I think Adolfo likes them a lot too because they seem so nice and so normal. Niko has a daughter from them (she is also on mySpace) and she is as cute as a bug. You can really see her as a young woman as she is maturing and comes across as such a nice young lady.
Whatmore… lately there are times when people want to talk to me and tell me stories that seem to go on forever. I have a very short attention span and if you keep telling me a story that goes on too long I tell you I am going to fade right out of every word. I may be looking at you, I may be ackowledging you, I made nod once in a while…. but not a single word is landing. Almost like this paragraph. This paragraph is about the max I can handle.
I also re-did my dad’s web site [redacted] last night and I think it looks really good. I enjoyed putting it together. I have 2 more sites I want to re-do in the meantime. My uncles and then my cooking sites as well.
The big announcement for me this month is that I have come to terms with the reality that I am not going to achieve what I want out of the cooking opart of my career. I have resigned entirely from making cooking a career and will, instead, make due with that I have. If I.T. is going to be my direction, then so be it. Unless international playboy is an opening I can taken… right.
I plan on taking some more classes soon and just riding the wave until I can move on with my life in a positive direction. I think I let too many people decide for me what I should do. Other people have been allowed to influence my decisions way too much!
Anyway, hope everyone is well.
I talked to Allan today on the phone and we talked abiout his life of lies where he is playing with men then going home and fucking his wife. I just don’t really get these married guys who live secret lives while being married??? There is a LOT OF THAT shit and I really think it’s wrong. I told him he should tell his wife and let the chips fall. He loves her a lot and she knows it… but she got burned by a gay guy once before whom she was engaged to.
Another guy here at work is in a simalar circumstance. It’s wierd, but HE is obsessing over another guy that works here. Obsessing to the point of annoyance.
I also talked to Sam and I really feel for him. I have always loved Sam for a variety of reasons and want to see him happy. I do not understand him all the time, but that is just the differences between people and outlooks on life. I hope that Sam will figure out the direction he needs to go in and get his life going again in spite of some of the shit he was burried in recently. He worries me a lot.
Sam is smart. He is a sweet guy. Sometimes misguided, sometimes he’s a bitch. He is someone you can hug and feel a genuine warmth from.
Terry may be coming to LV next month? I have to send him an e-mail to find out.
Mark posted a comment on this diary remarking about my description of him… I called him a Goth-Guy. Well, certainly I think that is how I sorta saw him. He is an interesting guy I could enjoy working with again if that oppurtunity ever came up. You know those poeple you may have met professionally… if they ever said I could use you… I’d move across country for him.
There are other people too. The people I worked with in Cambridge MA are the same.
I miss HostPro and CambridgePort Bank. Those were places I like to work at.
Anyway… I have carried on too long like I sually do when I have not written in a few days… talk soon….

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