OMFG is it March already. What the hell happen???? It seems Feb went by so fast… we’re almost a 1/4 of the year into 2006. Well, as it turns out I have been spending a sickening amount of time on[redacted] connecting with people and chatting and stuff.
Terry, check out “austin”, he is someone we graduate with and asked me about you. Of course I told him you were a poll dancer at the Mangina club off the Hollywood Strip and gave hand-jobs for $20… JUST KIDDING!!!!
I told him how well you were doing and if you want to get in touch with him there is a link there. We got updated on some people from High School and it turns out there was a 20 year reunion I guess we were not invited to. Imagine that????
Today I slept the whole day… I feel so good from it. I went to bed 2 Feb at 7:30 in the morning and got up at 8pm that night before going to work…. which is where I am at now. I’ve had nothing but coffee and jelly beans since coming in and I think I am vibrating.
Adolfo was a real DICK to me on Tuesday and I got pissed off and left the house. So the next couple days he was being extra nice to me. I even built him a mySpace thingy connected to mine so he can have a little fun like me! Unfortunately he can be a complete social ‘tard and make it very uncomfortable.
We went out to dinner with a large group of people on Wednesday night at the CheeseCake Factory in Boca Park and had a lot of fun. Kenny was being a poop again. He said he thought Brian was up to something. There were some interesting guys there. I thought it would be all couples, but there were a couple single fellers there. I had what was labeled a “Kobe Burger” that was nothing like Kobe… so skip that. It’s a fat tab for a burger… plllease.
I have been giving Allan a hard time. See, he’s a married guy who like dick. I called him a FAG and he said I was wrong. Later I called him a Queer… he still said no. Then then he told me how he likes masculine men and likes a nice sized cock to play with and I said… uhm, and you don’t thing you’re a fag????
He sounded hurt a little…. I was being mean to him and feel bad about it. He does have a lovely wife and he loved to fuck her a lot. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a black and white guy, I see a lot gray in the world. He’s obviously BI and I am just trying to get him to embrace it a little more.
Al likes to live in a rose colored world… though he has come a LONG WAY in the last couple years with acknowleging reality. His wife though, if she has not figured him out yet, I would be surprised. She almost married a fag once before… then she caught him in bed with another guy. It wrecked her and I think Al is sympathetic to that.
Funny how life is, huh? Al and I have been freinds a long time. We met when I was living in Boston and stayed in touch. He was a complete ASSHOLE for a little while, but I got passed that. I was so mad at him. Al was going to work with me in opening a business here in LV… got me moved here and setup… joined the COC… then poof the money was nowhere to be found. He delacred bankruptcy and all the plans were finished.
That’s all in the past. I do not think I vented over this all that time. IT IS in the past now. I appreciate Al, though, he was trying to be all things to all people. I rather think he still has a journey to travel, because he puts too much faith in the wrong people some times and should (in my opinion) focus on himself more.
But, the BUTT-HEAD keeps dragging his feet about visiting me here in LV. He has not been here since Sept 2001. Hello?????
After all of this ranting he probably won’t want to come.
Al likes ABBA and the web site www.SeanCody.Com….. hmmmm….
Changing subjects… Is this night almost over? Anyway…. Hope all is well! Scott

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