a queer day

This has been sorta a wierd couple days. Yesterday I was in a funny mood. I doubt it was because I knew it was Friday the 13th, but overall the day was … queer.

I was in a mood all night and chatted on gay.com (screen name: scotters) through most of the night and talked with pretty boys and some ugly men. It was nice… but then my boss came in and I signed about – abruptly. I got my review… why do my review on this day???? It sucked. It wasn’t a bad review, but it pointed out how mcuh I did not want to be here working for someone who does not know me. YET, on some points, she knew me quite well. She should have fired me. I really think I should be fired.

I was restless after work and I went to the gym, but I did not accompish so much.

I was anxioous at home and farted around so much that I got to bed really late and slept until right before it was time to go to work.

I pecked Adolfo on the lips and was gone… having seen him 2 minutes.

Tonight I spent 4 hours trying to upgrade some of the security on my laptop and got no where with it.

I went to gay.com for a few minutes and went through e-mail

I updated www.halonet.net in my business section, front page, and my recipe book that I have posted there. It’s an excellent trout concept. I’ll be doing more this week. I want to make something fun.

After work I am off to the gym and I want to have a nice workout. I want to really work on arms, then do some good cario for my supa’ fat assssssss! Supa’! God, I am fat and I hate it. I hate it. I have gained 10 pounds for every year I have lived here. What the fucking patty cakes is up with that?~?~?~?~?


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