Bored and Nothing to Say

Today is my Thursday and tomorrow I am going to be very busy with work because there is a special deal going on here that will last me all night long. I will be busy and my contributions to the site, my diary, and my prowling of will be sorely restricted. I may not be there for poor Allan so he can cry on my shoulder.

I told Allan he needs to hire an escort for his dirty little man-fantasies. I guess some guy from his gym tried to suck his dick one day and “Big Gay Al” got all freaked out afraid of catching a disease. Well, I got cudies! Ha ha ha… just joking.

Tonight I updated Adolfo and my MP3 players. I put a lot more rock on mine while Adolfo-fina likes his Madonna and other chick music.

Otherwise I have very little to offer the diary today because it’s been a little uneventful lately. I am making plans for stuff over the next couple months which will be very cool. I am hoping for a lot of very positive things to happen and hope peoples out there have the best thoughts for me. I always do for you…

I have been doing a lot of inner reflection as usual… this time I am also struggling with body image (worse than usual) and reality. I’ve never been too in touch with that: reality… but then again, what IS real? Ugh… we’ll try this again soon. xo

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