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I made roasted duck for dinner tonight with a mushroom risotto. The duck was the easy part… I boned that bitch and set her pieces on a rack in the oven to roast. Meanwhile, I got ahold of some oyster mushrooms and some mini portabella and chopped them all up. I sauteed some risotto rice in olive oil and butter, added some diced onion. Then added little by little some chicken broth. It was so good! I finished it off by added grated parmesean and WAAAALAH!
Adolfo thought it sucked. First he made me swear never to make duck again. Then he said the rice was too salty. He made me swear before he even tasted it. What a pain in the ass.
In my opinion, the rice was heavenly! Adolfo never has had the most sophisticated pallet in the world, but would it kill you to enjoy something so damn good!
He’s in luck, he does not have to eat my cooking for a few days because of our schedules. This is going to be a busy week for me and then next week I have a client I need to be ready for. This is another personal chef client whom I cooked for last year! It should be really cool.
If you noticed I had to add a static menu to the top of my site. Some people did not have Shockwave or Flash loaded so they were crippled when they arrived. So, even though it ruins the aesthetic, here is a link to a static menu. ugh! (not to mention any names ALLAN)
As the web site develops I am sure it will get more attention. I am turning my attention to my uncle eddie’s site ( and my dad’s site (www.[redacted].com) to update their look and tech running in them.
Should be rather cool! An awesome idea for my dad’s site just pooped into my head. I already had some cool stoooof in there for Uncy Ed! It will be brighter and more fun!
Anyway, I get to go home from work soon and am off the next couple nights. Cheers all!

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