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I made a nice dinner at home last night… when Adolfo came home I had started dinner for the two of us. I made a Basmati rice with two most excellent steaks. In the Basmati rice I sauteed some onions and chopped bacon with a touch of butter to get the fat going. Then I browned the rice before adding the liquid a little at a time. The liquid was from a frozen veal reduction I picked up and turned into a stock.

I broiled the steaks to keep it simple. But, added a little sauce of veal reduction, butter and sauteed onion over the top to punch it up. It was delicious!


Not that I am surprised, but no one commented on my rant last night. I offer absolutely no apologies about it! Without a doubt, this world could use some serious weeding out and that’s just how I feel about it. With the poles shifting as they are, with the massive natural disasters of late, it seems like nature is up to something.

Between AIDS, Bird Flu, and a myriad of other diseases we humans seem to be getting it from both ends. It’s natural order. Unless Jesus flies down form the sky in a blue jumper to save us all we are where we are… facing the power of nature that is stronger than all of us combined.

THIS WILL NOT BE AN ONGOING THEME OF THIS DIARY… in fact I am ending it here. As much as I can talk, I hate seeing people hurt or discriminated against. It goes on all the time in the world … maybe that’s another natural “way” of things?

(Changing Subjects:)
I defrosted a duck today to make for dinner tomorrow. I will probably roast him so he is deliciously full of flavor with herbs and fat! What will I make with him? I have been doing a lot of rice lately! I could do a duck risotto with mushrooms and something… something else? Maybe artichoke hearts?

Adolfo complained I did not serve bread with dinner, so I guess I’ll make him some biscuits!

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