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Anonymous Lawyer is symbolic of the mental instability people are playing out publicly. He is a major figure in a prestigious L.A. Law Firm with a passive aggressive masochist fantasy of torturing junior associates that he plays out on the web. His most recent entries have demonstrated his sick, disgusting and venomous treatment of other people. They also often tend to show his contempt for his own family including this hallow headed wife and life sucking children he occasionally refers to.

Even if this person turned out to be a total fabrication it is still an unyielding demonstration of the new human condition of posturing and disconnection. TIME magazine even gave this neophyte props in their Top 50 Web Sites article recently.

I was watching CNN during my dinner break this morning and I saw story after story of human idiocy further demonstrating the real disease that will destroy this world. There was story after story of people destroying themselves and people around them out of ignorance and stupidity.

Do I sound angry? If the voice in your “inner monologue” is anger, you should instead be hearing disbelief and shock. Imagine watching someone doing something so beyond reason that it defies understanding.

There are these men who keep roosters for cock-fighting on Thailand. They care more for these birds than their own lives or families, because one “keeper” sucked the blood from his roosters throat as it was dying from the bird-flu only to die a week later of the animal born disease.

A group of black-kids from Houston were beating the shit out of one kid on camera and the newscaster said it was “because of the frustrations felt over Katrina”. Houston? High school rats? Give me a break…

And there is a group of pharmacists in Illinois who refused to give out the “Morning After Pill” to prescription carrying women. They are on unpaid leave from Walgreens because they are a bunch of Christians claiming “religious persecution” which makes me want to VOMIT. Christians need to be martyrs, don’t they… but what about their families who are without a bread-winner? I guess they need to suffer as well?

Why can’t all these people just kill themselves or each other so the rest of us can finally live in peace? These religious nuts and other people with misdirected ideals are only serving to drive the rest of us from each other. These fanatics and anarchists are just a pain in the ass.

Here I am living out my idiocy for the public consumption.
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