Kvetching 101

It’s been a few days… this new schedule is something that takes a while to get used to. I sleep through most of the day… of which I can hardly remember what day it actually is???? My schedule is that I work at the Venentian from 11pm to 7am. Anyone working in a casino never sees the light of day so it could be afternoon out and I would never know it. It just feels “out of time” in here.

Christmas is coming. Adolfo kept syaing that over and over today… I do not think he expected this year to come to an end so quickly. This will be out 3rd Christmas together. We do have most of our christmas shopping completed, I believe, and I am happy about that. BUT, my credit card is feeling a little abused. This includes the cost of the laptop I bought myself.

As soon as Christmas passes I will be faced with yet another birthday. I will be 41. Kill me. My dad is feeling my age, too. He realized that as I get older he is too! ha ha ha… I decided I wanted to celebrate my birthday at Commander’s Palace at the Aladdin Hotel on the 29th and have dinner with family and friends.

It should be really cool. I love good food and good company! Now, if I can only get a cheuffer to drive me around that night. Keith took care of my ass last year… or was that the year before that? When we went to FireFly????

Anyway, I am going to update my wish list tonight, too. Check it out!



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