Horseshit and Vegas Showgirls

Life in Las Vegas has been … different. As anxious as I have been to move on… events have been set into motion that may interrupt my plans to escape. The loony bin keeps pulling me in and I am continuously giving in to the call of the siren… security and money.

This city is not that bad. It just happens that so many people in it are sick, disturbed, and ugly. This is the place where white trash with money come to thrive. Anyone can come here and make a lot of money… anyone. Even I have done reasonably well… but I throw it all away with the greatest of ease!

Well, my initial point was that fortune and fate have conspired again and in thier union have spawned oppurtunity… I am not at liberty to divulge any more than that. I find it intensely curious about how these things come into play and am sitting back curiously for more oppurtunities to emerge.

Sometimes I talk in riddles…. sounds like a load of horseshit doesn’t it?

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