Losing my GRIP! on Sanity

There are days when one is much better off just staying home. I am having one of those weeks, but yesterday was the cream on top. Have you ever had a day that no matter what you touched or did something was bound to go haywire. Imagine it happening every couple of hours or so? Then, you (i.e. ME) start to lose your mind and freaking out everyone around me, you… or something like that.

Well, the good news is that I managed to buy my laptop. As you know I was really focused on an Apple iBook and realized I could not do it. As much as I wanted one I did not have any software to load on it and as soon as I needed it… well, it would be extremely expensive. Ugh….

Well, I will begin migrating over to this laptop for most of my functions and using my dinosaur desktop for generic things and a backup. My computer at home is this Micron thing I bought in 2001-ish …

Nothing else of any major importance to report today. I am having one of those days where I have a headache and it is moving so slowwww. I called in sick yesterday… I paid the price for that as mentioned previously. Today is my Friday which means I get Sat and Sun off which is unusual. I do not care to have weekends available… too many other people already do.

So, after all the trouble with yesterday we managed to do some cool things. We sent my mom and step dad off to see MamaMia at the Mandalay Bay theater. We also took them out to dinner at China Grill, which was fantastic, and expensive. But, it didn’t matter.

I did manage to spill water all over the table and drop a lot of food during the time we were there. My blood pressure and cholesterol must be through the roof. I am so primed for a heart-attack it is amazing.

Bet you would hate to be me. (What’s that??? Violins playing in the distance? Is it getting closer?) Anyone would hate to be me… (makes boo-boo face)

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