Mom and Bob are here in Las Vegas visiting. I am looking forward to finally seeing them tomorrow evening. They have been here since Monday and we have barely connected. I think we talked to them on the phone here and there, but that is it.

Tomorrow we are celebrating their birthdays and 20th wedding anniversary. We got them tickets to Mama Mia which I think they will enjoy.

I want to take them to Mix for dinner. I have looked at the restaurants that are at Mandalay Bay and like some of them. I wanted to go to the Foundation Room, but they have some kind of membership requirement?????? Ugh!

ANYWAY… I enjoy seeing my family. Even recently my cousin Zack came into town with his buddies for his 21st birthday. He was so nice … so were his friends! I was happy to have seen them and chat a bit. Unfortunately, my visit with them was short.

Not long ago… I take that back… too long ago my Cuzin Raechel was here visiting and I got to spen a little time with her and her hot huby Clay! I made an huge dinner for all of us and I was happy to do it!

Now, If I can manage to get other people to come visiting or… or… if we can get out to them. Eddie in Tulsa… Nancy in San Diego (Love SD) … Charlie, Mark, Dave, Chris and others off in Ottawa and Streator!?!?!?!?! I love that my cousin Colby thought it would be cool for all of us to get together at their house to watch a game and drink like idiots… eat like pigs… and have fun!

What do you think Chris?????? Let’s meet at Dave&Chris’!
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