Therapy 101: Don’t Dwell on the Past

If you look around the web, when you’re really bored to death, and see all the web sites out there that feed human curiosity, voyerisms, and twisted curiosities it is sorta sickening. Blogs? TIME magazine did an article I just real on the 50 best sites and there were some blogs listed there.

I was naturally curious of one of them might… might… possibly be mine… but alas not. There were some good ones there including one I visit occasionally called which is a sick man’s blog. Others were there too of specific interest including a CEO of a VC who dispenses advice to would-be entrepreneurs.

I bookmarked that one and will be back…

I also saw PCWeb’s Top 100 sites tonight. I glanced through them and read site with all it’s sick, twisted notations as well. One article suggests a fact of 1,300 cases this year of teacher’s sleeping with their under age students. All the sordid details are there…. I read all about that teacher in Florida who fucked those two boys. There are pictures and … well it it is amazing.

I imagine that most teen boys would love to fuck a hot teacher? BUT, there is some psychological implication that it fucks with their heads. How would I know? I was a real fucker when I was younger… I was fucking from a young age!

I started whoring when I was a kid with the neighborhood boys…. then when I was 16 I was sooooo boy crazy! I had my fisrt BF who dumped me hard. There was a pretty rough succession following that… (I hear the violins playing now….)

Here I am treating you like my therapist again. Maybe this is why no one reads my blog anymore????

I want to thank the people who visited my new site! I can see where visitors are coming from and how long they stay with the web stats on my web site. Eddie spent nearly an hour the other day!?!?!?! Thanks! Chris and Gary! will be put to sleep in a couple days and will mature and blossom in it’s place!

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