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If you blink, you might miss some of the changes taking place here. I fine-tuned some of the flash stuff on here this morning before I left for the gym. I had to fix a few flyaway elements on the top banner. I have noticed a few other thingies, but nothing I can’t fix with 10 seconds of effort this week.

This is going to be a very busy week or me. I am cooked… and when Saturday rolls around I will be fried. I will be on a graveyard shift next week and will be staying there for a little while. At present I am the bottom of the totem-pole here and get very little choice as to when I get to work. It doesn’t matter than I have been employed here longer than half of them. Ugh!

Not a problem for too much longer!

Any feedback on the new designs would be appreciated. Notice the new links on this page if you would. It takes you right to the sites and information I manage. If you’re visiting because you saw me through Blogger.Com then feel welcome to check out my personal web site.

I have been X-Mas shopping for Adolfo. He is the only one so far, yet I have an idea what I want to get some friends and family. I think he will be happy when he gets it all. I can’t get too wrapped up in wanting to surprise him with much, because it usually burns me in the ass.

Did you notice there is a little chat window in the new site? I can actually talk to someone from anywhere without having to rely on a live text chat window. All of those are blocked at my work including my personal e-mail… which brings up a point.

I am changing e-mail: is my new e-mail address! I will be branching away from Hotmail for a variety of issues. Hotmail will always be there.. I think I have had that account for YEARS! You can SMS me on my cell…. 702.808.3927


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