I worked on the previous design for almost a month. In the course of one day I decided it was not working. I threw together what you can see today at with Flash and other images… completely changing what was there in the first place.

I do not think people get my message. I don’t think it makes sense to many people. Perhaps I will spell it out one of these days?

Well, I went with a theme this time that represents more of my fun side rather than a message horribly miscommunicated. I will be enhancing all of it more because the Flash animation is doing a few things I do not want it to do. BUT, I am glad the important functions are working like they should.

My schedule is getting goofy again soon and I can’t wait to get through it next week. Then I start working a graveyard shift. I think going to Grave will be good for me a while because it will provide some continuity to my working schedule. I like being on a routine. Maybe I can get to the gym more often with less getting in the way.

I am still contemplating my next move in life… the next direction I need to go into to feel like I am getting somewhere in life. While going through some inner reflection I realize that somewhere along the way I lost “the fire”. I had a lot of drive to achieve certain things in life. On recent years I sorta let those things go… I let myself go… I let me dreams and passions flounder.

How do I get it back? I have already written about goals and my current non-existent status as a flounderer. It’s a question only I can answer for myself.

I feel energized sometimes and I know there are ways I can get it back. The mechanics are new because my action affect other people/critters. But, I believe I can do it.

I will be off on Saturday and Sunday NEXT WEEKEND instead of my usual Tuesday and Wednesday. I expect I will be a tired puppy when that time rolls around. I could come down with a cold in the week, who knows?

Alas, I am still not feeling this job. It’s not exciting me… but the paycheck is. I make a fair amount of money and combined with Adolfo and side jobs here and there I can’t complain. In fact I need to be building my own empire. I sometimes feel like I am getting too old? Sometimes I feel like the world is passing me by.

Without sounding schizophrenic or anything, I do love Adolfo very much. I feel on a lot of levels we have been very good for each other. But… I have been wondering about a lot of things lately. How do you know? How on earth do you know if it is right? How do you know when it is time to walk on ahead if someone just can’t keep up?

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