Black Friday

As mentioned in last night’s entry, the food for Thanksgiving was extremely successful. The pictures cab be found here or by following the gallery link above. What I did notice is there are no pictures of me or the food I produced… at all. What the hell?

We invited a lot of people and had about 16 guests altogether. Not all of them there at the same time. Most stayed through the afternoon and evening while others came later on and hang out for a bit.

By the time the last body left I collapsed on the couch and soon after we meandered to bed. I finished throwing away food and things this morning. I wanted as much stuff gone as possible because the more food that lingers themore that gets eaten. Yeah, I am fat enough.

Tom was being a pain in the butt… I did not realize one person that came was allergic to dog hair. uhm… okay.

Kenny was heavily intoxicated. And… Kenny was Kenny. I actually made 2 kinds of cranberry sauce that were both excellent and made with real cranberries. He called and had someone get him that canned cranberry gel block because that was what he wanted. uhm… yeah.

Kenny left arly without a goodbye. Just slithered out and blew everyone off for the rest of the night. So… yeah.

My moms Red Velver Cake was a hit. The icing is a bit unusual, but it tastes good. I tried to bribe my dad to come for a visit with it… but it did not work. Otherwise, I am extremely happy it all worked out. There was one error that no one really noticed and I decided to let it go… why point out one’s mistakes?

I bought one of Adolfo’s gifts on-line last night and I think he will like it. I think I am only worried about buying for him. He will naturally help me with our families. Then friends… like couples and kids we usually buy for … at least a little something-something. The drunks will get alchohol.

About Adolso’s gifts… every year I make a complete mess of it. I buy him something he hates or is something he would never use though… I really thought he would. I try and get him something to get him motivated and it just goes to shit. My biggest unreal expectation was a whole sewing machine and patern making set my mom got him too. All kinds of stuff for making his own clothes and designing.

It was intended to get him motivated to go to school, fashion school, and get the fuck out of retail. This would be an oppurtunity to grow into a career he really has some strengths in. But, that would be too smart, huh?

Ugh… he gets me frustrated some times. He has no drive in life… which I just don’t get.

I called Terry tonight to see how he was doing. I also talked to Kathy! It seems there is a chance they will be back to visit in a few months. I am wondering if I will be here when they are???

Okay… I’ve kvetched… I’ve ranted… now it is time for me to go. Cheers! Scott

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