Happy Thanksgiving

This is going to be a busy week. I am sure I am the only one who’s going to be this busy… so feel sorry only for me. The funny thing is that we still have no idea who is coming for dinner Thursday and who is not. I have enough food for several families OR the entire Somalian nation.

Yesterday I bought the Prime Rib and it is lovely! The turkey was frozen, I wanted freshly killed, but I figured I would end up screwed if I held out. So, he is defrosting in the skink waiting to be heavily injected with fluids.

I will start everything on Wednesday and will be in the kitchen the whole day, except for what I miht get done on late Tuesday. Here is my deal:

Monday (Today)
I am working. We went to get some of the stuff for stuffing and then went shopping. Not any major shopping, but today involved taking care of stupid and important things. Deposit to the bank, buy one of my mom&step-dad’s birthday/anniversary gifts, buy dog food, found a dog sweater for Tom and some doggy treats… then we got some lunch and I was off to work… where I am now.

I am usually off. I traded this day for Thursday to have TG Day off. So I have to be at work at 7am and get off at 3. I have a work commitment at 4 I can come and go from right away. I just have to clock in for it. THEN! I have a side job at 6 here at the Venetian so I will be here ALL FRIGGIN’ DAY … I should be home by/about 10 which means I can start something and get it in the fridge.

Bake the cake and set it up. Season the meat. Make the marshmallows. It should all be cool. BUT… we have to see Harry Potter this day. We tried last Friday but ended up pigging out at Red Lobster instead.

Snacks hit the table about noon and dinner will be served around 3pm. You’ve seen the menu!

Deep Fried Southern Style Turkey and Prime Rib
Yams with a Marshmallow Coating
Cranberry Sauce
Red Skin Mashed Potato
Green Bean with Pine Nuts
Chestnut Stuffing
Red Velvet Cake and Pumpkin Pie
CROQUEMBOUCHE with Jordan Almonds and Sugar

I am hoping it will be an awesome event. I am looking forward to people coming over, hanging out, and genral good times had by all. Including ME!

I also want to send out some warm thoughts to Cousine Diane who just survived a car accident that could have easily killed her. Love to Rosa and he family in Florida. Love to everyone!

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