Music Day

I decided to update my MP3 player for the first time in…. a long time. I put some Madonna (how gay!), Black Eyed Peas, and Gorillaz. I went on-line to iTunes and tried to find some stuff I liked but there was almost nothing interesting. I downloaded Robbie Williams song Millinium and can’t get it over to my mp3 player! They SUCK!

I went to MSN Music using my MSN software and that is not working. Then I tried using Explorer to get the SAME damn song from MSN and I am still waiting for the login page to load!

Ugh! So much energy into getting one fucking song!

10 minutes later… I got the song. I also started down loading some other stuff from MSN here and there.

—- I downloaded a lot of stuff once i got connected and my mp3 player is quite refreshed with a lot of new music. I got a lot of dancy-queer ultra gay stuff for the gym.

I am a little taken by Robbie Williams from the UK. He is HOT! I mean look at this! Google his cute ass right now… do it! He’s got a remarkable voice… now he used to belong to a Brit boy-band 10 years ago and has since made a big name for himself; mostly in Europe. Big rumors about him being queer… I can only dream

Anyway, this is me sharing my twisted little fantasies! Cheers !!!


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