Last night when I left work I was in an absolute state of anger. I let some ass get up my nose and then I really got more and more frustrated with the drive home. This was one of thise nights that people should start drinking over. I was a mess until I got some food in my gut… then I started mellowing.

Yes, I am still dieting and wishing I could see instant results. I waiver a bit, but have maintained the course for the most part. Like right now… I wanted to eat something sweet and just eye-balled the vending machine in the hall. There are these new candy bars called “Take 5” and though the chocolate is Hershy-crap it does taste very good. It has a salty pretzel running through the center with caramel and… yum… anyway, I had a Cliff Bar instead. Yeah for me.

Anyway, so I get home last night and Adolfo’s mom has made Papusas. I ate 2 of them in spite of all the fat in them. Yummers!

So, I woke up late this morning and had coffee with Rosa. She only has a little because of her blood pressure or something like that. I figured I would be spending my pre-work day with her and went to shower. I come out of the shower and SHE is gone as well as all her stuff. Everything… not even a notion she was there.


I called Adolfo and then later his sister calls me telling how she rushed Rosa out. They had apparently gone to the Wynn where Adolfo works and had lunch or something… before heading back to Whittier. Ugh!

So, now I sit at work on another lovely Sunday evening waiting for 11 when I can escape. Cheers for now… xo

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