The new version of UrielsLantern will be going live in December! It’s coming together so naturally that it is amazing. I have some little details to hammer out… the biggest differences will be how some of the material is presented. Photo albums will be virtually the same. Why reinvent the wheel? Unless I can find a metter means of presenting them.

I would put all my pics on Flickr.Com, but you cannot customize the galleries over there. I would want it to fit into the general feeling of the site! It’s nice when you can use an awesome tool like Flickr and make it seemless as well as cross-promote it.

…… Rosa arrived last night, but as it turns out she is only staying through tommorrow. We went through a lot of my cooking magazines and I showed here a lot of the stuff I have been saving. It is amazing how well her and I click. I noticed she has a very different personality than Adolfo. He is very picky when it comes to food and his mom is very open minded. I have made a lot of headway in broadening his tastes over time.

Well, Christmas is coming and we are already gearing up. Just over a month away and counting. For my fans, don’t forget me. My X-Mas List is at my 2nd Blog. I have been keeping my wish list updated and current. So fear not… most items are avaiable on the web and can be delivered by the fine folks at USPS or UPS.


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