My 2006 web site is coming a long better than I imagined. I got some custom art work in the mail the other day I added this morning and it is awesome. I will be looking for some key scripts and stuff to make it bigger and better.

Tonight, Adolfo’s mother is coming to stay with us for an undetermined amount of time. It will sets me on edge a little as I am uncomfortable having to adjust my surroundings to accommodate people, but truthfully I love Rosa and I know how much she wants to be close to Adolfo so there is no question about her being welcome.

We bought a new bed for her to sleep on and my office got ejected to the bedroom. Oddly enough, I like it better this way. Adolfo did some rearranging of the apartment too. Partially to make the place more manageable, bit also because we need a place for the x-mas tree when it is time to put that up.

Thanksgiving is on the horizon and we are throwing open the doors for guests… so it will be interesting who shows up and how it goes. I will always have pictures as this menu comes into shape. I am looking at a southern style menu with a little opulence and style to it. Should be so cool! Of course, I’ll be posting it and all the recipes!!!!

Look at this! I found this web site for a movie called Archangel showing on BBC six months ago.. this is a book I read and loved it!!!! Daniel Craig, the new James Bond, starred in it! I will be hunting for this in DVD!!!!

As usual, lots of thoughts popping around inside my head and little action. I want to get life rolling for me once again and this may involve some other big changes for me… I am seriously considering another school venture… in China!

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