Scott 2006 is coming alive! I had gone down a whole road of configuring, setting up and making art for the new 2006 site featuring meeeeeeeeeeeeeee and after the last couple of blogs I decided that I had to go a new direction. This version is all black, dark, moody. Basically depressing… while the all new me is going to be bright, brilliant, and new.

I made a list of my cds. I made my book list.. blah blah blah. But, now I want to make a whole series of new attractions and images that I hope will make the site POP! I am going to add my Sirus stuff as well as other interesting new features to keep you bitches coming back!

Plus, I’ll be using the Blog for more pics than what I will put into my gallery so pics and text go hand in hand more. I want to put some profiles of people I blog about and with to add new dimention to my gallery to include a picture and some background. So Allan and Brian(Chicago) might object and I hope they won’t. But, I think this will be really cool. Can I count you in Gary?

This should be cool… I hope you agree!


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