This is the cake I made Kenny for his birthday. He had been bugging me about a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting for 2 years and I finally delivered. Naturally I had to make it my way as I am not very fond on homestyle.

None the less, I made the icong fluffy looking and built up fresh shavings of chocolate. It looks very nice, I think. I always look at it after and begin figuring ways I could have made it better. As I nibbled on a bit of it today… because the damn thing is still in my friggin’ fridge… I could have made it Italian style and it would have been so much nicer. His birthday was the 1st and we had dinner on the 2nd together.

I had made a nice dinner. This is Me, Kenny, and BrianLV. He got some bad food poisoning from his birthday dinner the night before while he was out with some of this other friends. In spite of being nausiated he ate everything and more! He hates green vegetables so there was not a single vegie in site for this meal

  • Steaks
  • Red Skin Mash Potato
  • Herb Biscuits

It was a nice evening and I suspect he will thoroughly enjoy his birthday gift. Care to guess what it was? A HUGE bottle of Grey Goose!

Is it me or does Kenny look peekid? Ha ha ha ha! Adolfo was in command of the camera. Happy Birthday!

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