In the light of my uncly Ed I am radiating with positive energy. See my previous post? Is anyone seeing my previous posts? I am hoping by displaying a new image that my site will start generating some new visitors.

I am currently assembling my 2006 UrielsLantern site and am considering choosing a new domain name for it as well. What do you think I should do? I have the basic theme in place and a couple of the pages. I will try and expand on the content so it is more interesting to people and more engaging.

Maybe I should make user profiles for the people I talk about in this diary… Sam, Terry, Brian (Chicago), BrianLV, Kenny, Allan, Keith, Adolfo and Tom… with pictures and stuuuufff. Chippy, Ian, George (Melbourne) and Gary (Nebraska). Uncy Ed, Mom, Dad, Rae-Rae and …. and … hmmm?

I have always used my Diary as a means of venting and excising some of the demons in my own soul. It’s also a place where I can share the positive things I can offer friends, family, and sometimes people I have never met before. I have always hoped that someone might discover this diary and say… “this idiot has the same problems I have” or something like that.

Problems? Well, Issues??? Disfunctions? Delusions?

I am 40 years old. Most of my life I thought I had all the secret ingredients to the world. I thought I knew things people generally did not know. I thought that I was unlike anyone else.

BUT, the older I get the more I start realizing how I am everything opposite of that last paragraph. If it is wisdom or insanity I cannot say.

I have a secret I have told no one. Not a single person on this earth. I have one secret that I have often tried to share… but I recently discovered that there are about 2 dozen people on the web who claim to have the same secret. Keep in mind this is something that would have to be, in my perception, unique.

It only proves that me, like most other people, are so deluded into ourselves. I realize how much the same we all are in the big picture.

What makes me special, now? I know where I am going psychologically and spiritually; I live to be self-actualized. It makes me ambitious and abrasive. I see through lies like Saran wrap and I feel love very powerfully toward people around me; as well as anger. I hate to alienate good hearted people because they could if they mistake my frankness for cruelty.


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